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NES with over 850 games

This is the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

It has brand new PINS installed to make the system as reliable as the day it was first produced! Also comes with a controller and all the necessary hook-ups including RCA cables in order to hook it up to any modern TV

Included is over 850 of the most popular NES games all on a single cart. This setup includes zero emulation, zero lag and full compatibility unlike these cheap Chinese knock-offs floating around. This is the real-deal

All games are in English, including some unreleased North American titles such as Final Fantasy 2 + 3, Earthbound, Devil World and even Sweet Home which was the inspiration for the Resident Evil series to come just a few years later. I'm sure you'll find more surprises inside!

System looks great but has minor cosmetic issues due to it's age. Make no mistake, the system works great Shipping costs are calculated into the price